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ISO 9000

What must Organization do to comply with ISO9001?

- Organization must improve present management system to meet the requirement described in ISO 9001  Activities which required by the standard but not being applied in business, must be implemented.
- Based on its current management system, Organization will have to improve more or less in order to meet the requirements of  ISO 9001.
- It is not necessary to renew facilities, equipment or re-structure organization. It depends on whether current facilities, equipment and human resource of Organization are capable of providing products, which meet quality requirements of customers and regulatory requirements.
- The following are main activities of a quality management system which must be implemented:

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Requirements of ISO 9001

- Establishment of quality management system
- Document control
- Record control
- Quality policy
- Quality objectives
- ........

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Benefits of applying ISO 9001

- Maintaining an effective management system, which helps Organization to control the quality of products and services.
- Reducing the quantity of non-conforming products and services.
- ....

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What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 is a family of international standards issued by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) for quality management system.

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